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At Wine Basket Of Brockton
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"This has been the local packie all my life. I have been a customer here through 3 owners. And yet the service is still amazing, and they are always accommodating of whatever I need."
— Amy Mckormick
"I love the Wine Basket. I often stop in for my box of Franzia Dark Blend (it's the only place I have ever been able to find it!) The owner is always so nice and remembers my name or calls me "young lady", which, when you're 40 like me is a nice ego boost. Thank you, Mr. Sedell and the Wine Basket for your quality selection and kind service!"
— Jessie D.
"Mr. Sedell always greats me and has fair prices."
— Bill Chilauskas

"Knowledgeable staff and reasonable prices...it's a pleasure to shop here. Highly recommended. I love stopping by to stock up on my favorites and to see what's new."

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